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Angel's Doodlepad





April 15th, 2010

This is very important for my evaluation, so please, if you could take just a few minutes to help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

This is a one-off questionnaire, so I won't be badgering anyone for more answers afterwards, unless I really messed up o.o

If you could watch this animation (if you haven't already) and answer the following questions, I'll should be able to get some good results to wrote about in my evaluation :3

Please bear in mind when filling in the questionnaire that this was a solo project (ie, just me) that was made in about two months with a limit of 2 minutes on the animation itself.

QuestionsCollapse )

AnswersCollapse )

A million thank yous to those who help me out, I need as many people answering this as possible. You can send me the answers however you want; anonymous or signed on livejournal, on my dA journal, by note, email (angelbless1@gmail.com), I'm leaving it open :3

January 31st, 2010

Artefact Questionnaire 1A

This is for uni, so I'd appreciate all the help I can get :D

The Idea

Each fortnight I'll post three character designs. Each character looks the same, the clothes can't change, and the same goes for face and all that. The only thing that'll really change is the body language and the expression. After answering the questionnaire (which should only take about 5 minutes, depending), I'll look through the results and alter the designs. Then I'll post them one more time and ask for any final feedback in another questionnaire (should be shorter than the first questionnaire) and make any final tweaks before presenting the finished designs.
This goes on every fortnight (or week for this one, I got caught up in a project proposal), until I have 6 different sets of 3 characters.

The Questionnaire
Okay, so here's how this is gonna work. Copy and paste the answer template into the comment box and answer all the questions for all three characters. You can post anonymously, with a username, or by emailing me at angelbless1@gmail.com.

QuestionnaireCollapse )

Answer templateCollapse )

Thank you to all those who help me :)

September 21st, 2009

Say hel to Pasta! :D


Named that 'cause I recently started watching Hetalia and I had an odd udge to call the li'l guy that XD Click on him and prepare to die from cute overload ^___^

Well, I'm not allowed any mroe piggies, so I have my li'l Pasta now :D

September 13th, 2009

Dissidia day 8

So after just over a week of forgetting about other stuff that needed doing and goofing off making my monkey jump around kicking crotch-lasers at random people (don't ask. I'm not), I thought I'd give another random update for how I'm doing (not like I have anything better to do right now XD).

Stories I've finished so far:
Onion Knight

Stories I'm working on:
WoLly (he needed a name >3 He's also a total ass to play as >|)

Character lvs (yay!):
WoLly - lv19
Firion - lv1 XD
Onion Knight - lv14
Cec - lv15
Bartz - lv13
Terra - lv1 ^^;;;
Cloud - lv1 (naturally >D)
Squally - lv13
Zid - lv34 :D
Tidus - lv1 X3

Yeah, I haven't even played as a few of the good guys, let alone the bad guys! I did buy Kuja and Kefka today tho'. Thought I'd let the BFFs stick around :3

Gonna go try out the ones I haven't played as yet, methinks. Still not looking forward to Cloud >.o

September 8th, 2009

Dissidia update :3

Okay, so I've been playing it since Saturday evening and so far I've cleared 589's stories! ^___^ Naturally, Zid's was first, then I went with Bartz, then Squally-boy's :3 Had so much trouble with Squall at first, but once I figured how to sneak in a HP attack after his main brave attack, I did pretty well ^^ Proud to say I beat Kuja, Ex-Death and Ultimecia first time, too! :D Maybe I'm not quite as bad at this game as I thought... Well, except for in quick battle mode XD

So now the first 3 I wanted to get through's out of the way, who should be next...? Maybe Cloud, since I really want him out of the way (not looking forward to it either >.o). Anyone got any ideas? In the meanwhile, I'll just kick some ass with Ziddy some more >D

I'd post replay videos of how I'm doing so far, but I'm don't have any tactics when fighting so they look really bad X_x I don't even get what people mean when they string attacks together, that kinda thing only works with Squall for me (and even then that's 'cause his number of moves are so teeny XD). Ah well, I'll figure it out :)

September 5th, 2009

Dissidia is mine! >D

...Well,  I need my PSP first XD Getting that within the hour, I hope ^_____^

So, I got the limited collector's edition through the post today, and I got asked for some piccies :3 Some of them are lousy 'cause of my camera quality and lighting (had to switch my daylight lamp on to get these shots, my room's way too dark >.o). If anyone wants a better photo of any of this, let me know and I'll try and take a better one ^^

A bit image heavy ^^;;;Collapse )

That's all I've got for now. Sorry they're crappy quality ^^;

July 2nd, 2009

Dunno if it was worth it tho', I'm getting less interest than artists with less than 50 watchers >.o Then again, only 150 people watch me, so I guess I'm not at much of an advantage there. Sure that's actually less than last time I checked, actually... :/

Ah well, doubt anyone's interested here either, but leave me a comment if you are and I'll be boethered to write down details :)

Not much else to say, really. I kinda suck at thinking of things to say here when I've already said it on dA ^^;;; I made a new little friend today; a teeny spider that I saved when the poor li'l guy kept nearly falling into the bath while it was still full of water. I  let him outside eventually, but felt kinda sad at doing that 'cause he didn't seem that coordinated and I've got a bad feeling doing that kinda killed him ._. I was actually feeling down 'til I saw him scuttle away safely. Hope he's okay (geez, getting worked up over a teeny spider? I suck, don't I? ^^;;;)

Gonna go work on page 2 of my TS remake now. Can't remember if I've mentioned it here before, but now I have XD

Oh, one last thing to mention. I freakin' love the Dissidia voices so far <3 We've got WoL, Garland and Firion with proper dub clips so far and they rock!

June 11th, 2009

Oh crap, it's back! Run away while you still can! @_____@

Before we start, I apologise greatly for my 13 year old self for writing this. Seriously, I don't even wanna know what I was thinking back then! Although, to be honest, I came up with much worse ideas than this X_x;;;

This is your last chance to turn back!Collapse )

You have no idea how sorry I am for how this is getting worse and worse. Makes me wish I could interview my 13 year old self about it and wonder whether she'd go crazy at me for hating it XD;;;
Okay, so I really should be updating more often, but I get too busy stalking comms here rather than users' lj pages ^^;;; Anyway, random stuff's been happening, I got the sudden urge to create a cactuar plushie.

So I did :3 (no cut 'cause I'm lazy XD)

I've also decided to start my TS manga from scratch, try and work on my FF9 sequel again and actually get something creative done this summer. Commissions, too, 'cause I need the moneys >.o I've also spent the last couple of months working on an FF RP with some friends that should start soon. Coming up with different ideas for it is fun ^.^ *points to icon* That's my character in second stage Soul Release (the equivelent of Trance :3)

I think I might spork the next chapter of my Digimon fic today, been meaning to do that for a while. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna play some Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, too. 'Cause that game is awesome! :D

Um, yeah, that's it, really. I'll probably start posting doodles here depending on if I have any decent ones lying around X3

April 18th, 2009

Mana Plushie ^.^

There's no chance of an professionally made plushie for any of my characters, so me, being the idiot I am, decides to make one myself X3

'Cause I'm such a geek for my own manga XD;;;Collapse )

Here's a random list of plushies I'd reeeaaaally love to make, just for the hell of it :3

- Zidane, Mikoto and Garnet (maybe Zid's Dissidia deisgn?)
- any of my other characters
- lemming <3 (one of my alltime fave games. Original!Lemmings FTW!)
- some secret ones that I'm not gonna tell anyone about >3 *loves to annoy people*

I'll probasbly start on them over the summer. Along with the dreaded commissions *le gasp!* Also gotta do a ton a preparation for my final year at uni during summer. Fun >.>

And on a final note, I need a plushie icon for all this stuff. Unless chibi!Zidane nomming on his monkeytail is cute and plushie enough for everyone O_o

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